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Replying to Topic: colonoscopies
Created On 12/6/05 5:06 PM by Torsalicious613


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12/6/05 5:06 PM
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okay, i know i'm like, 38 years early, but i was curious..do colonoscopies hurt? my dad (over 50) had one, and he says he was sedated so it was fine. but i know people like katie couric, the news anchor, had it done LIVE on TV without anesthesia (i don't think so at least because she was awake and reporting while it was being filmed-- don't worry- not graphically) which is kind of funny. she acted like it didn't hurt at all. she did this because her husband died of colon cancer, and she wanted to take a personal stand against the disease. it's amazing how powerful diseases can be. anyway, i know i'm worrying a bit early about it, i'm only 22, c'nain a hara, but we wil all probably have to worry about doing it sometime in our lifetimes, although men are more at risk than women, but anyone over 50 i know should technically get it done. maybe in the future, they'll have more comfortable, shall i say, less uncomfortable and less invasive ways (in my opinion) of getting it done other than the traditional way. i'm not too big a fan of pain, and i'm sure none of you are either. so let's all rally for a better colonoscopy opton so we will lead healthier lives with less inconvenience for when we are older! i think they are working on a swallowable pill camera or mri imaging. but the pill is huge, and the mri's not so accurate. let's all hope, for our sakes, they find a better way. bye all! gotta go to class!


what the hecka is a signiature?

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2/9/06 10:17 PM
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I had a colonoscopy a year ago (odd... it was exactly a year ago, February 10, I still remember) and there was absolutely no pain for me. I was put under a special kind of anesthesia, where you are just awake enough to follow commands from the doctors but do not remember anything afterwards. The last thing I remember is lying on the operating table. Then I woke up.

I had an upper endoscopy that day too, which is slightly less comfortable. A nurse sprayed something down my throat to make it numb. That was the only uncomfortable part of it, and it's the only part I remember.

The worst part of it all is the preparation you have to do for it. I remember the day before, I was only allowed to have liquids and I had to take laxatives. It was one of my worst days ever. On the day of the colonoscopy, I was actually a bit relieved that it was all over.

The day afterwards, I was a bit "gassy" from it... I had some cramps. But nothing worse than what I had been suffering until then.

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