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FORUMS > IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Replying to Topic: Bathroom break
Created On 11/24/11 12:09 PM by cd


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11/24/11 12:09 PM
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Everyone case of ibs can be very different and while some may be bothered by going to the bathroom alot others dont go enough. And yet another group sometimes goes too much and sometimes not enough.
Few things to keep in mind, if you speak to a doctor about proper diet they will say that scientifically there is no diet that was proven to work for all ibs sufferers.
However, if you ask people about it, most of them will say that they see change based on their diets.

So first its important to keep track of what you eat the whole day and then analyze to try to catch the food that bothers you most.

While it seemed to me that a certain food is bad i always tried to test it few times in different ways. First i eliminate it for few days and if i feel better i will then try to eat it again and see if ill feel bad from it. And every time after few such experiments i would come up empty. Then i realized that there is no 1 bad food but it also depends what other foods i eat with it or what other foods i should avoid when eating it. So basically you have to take your analyses 1 step further and find few different variables that might be affecting your gut.

I became pretty good at this and im offering my time to help anyone figure out their problem foods.


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11/24/11 12:18 PM
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just wanted to add my own two cents. I've seen a chiropractor and a kinesiologist who have both helped me figure out my problem foods. also, food sensitivities can evolve over time, and some foods that were not okay can be tolerated while others that were fine can become problematic, it's very tricky.
if you're fructose intolerant (malabsorbent), following the fructmal diet can provides great relief.

also, the gut-brain connection is very powerful, for me at least. when my digestion is bad I get extremely irritable/depressed, there are a few reasons for it, so it's another strong motivation to stay on track.

FORUMS > IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome


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