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Replying to Topic: Potent stage 4 treatments, and chemotherapy without side effects
Created On 7/26/06 6:44 PM by vu


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7/26/06 6:44 PM
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Please read the website www.cancertutor.com

It has a lot of information about very potent “alternative” treatments that have given even stage 4 cancer patients who were sent home to die by conventional medicine, with internal organs severely compromised by chemotherapy and/or radiation, a realistic chance for survival.

These treatments are actually very conventional and scientific (some are the result of Nobel prize winning work) but they did not become mainstream for financial and political reasons. If you want a detailed, highly referenced exposé on this subject you can read one by Dr. Joseph Gold at www.hydrazinesulfate.org

www.CancerTutor.com also discusses a lot of medical issues one must understand when dealing with cancer.


there is a special method of administering chemotherapy that is far more effective than normal types of chemotherapy yet has virtually zero side effects. The chemotherapy treatment is called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). The specific use of insulin, described below, makes chemotherapy drugs more potent (hence the name) thus requiring smaller dosage of chemotherapy (on average one tenth of regular dosage), making it safe. Please read ADMINISTIRING THE IPT PROCESS below, to learn how it is administered in practice.

Thomas K. Szulc M.D is one of the doctors offering IPT. He has extensive experience in both conventional and alternative medicine. Over the years he has worked with many leading doctors and researchers in different medical fields. It seems certainly worthwhile for a cancer patient to have a consultation with Dr. Szulc while making a decision on treatments.

Another doctor in Manhattan offering IPT is Dr. Richard Linchitz. Please visit
http://www.metropolitanwellness.com and see which doctor you prefer. Also, you can visit the Elka Best Foundation at www.elkabest.org for more info about IPT and doctors who offer it.

(About Dr. Szulc http://www.manhattanadvancedmedicine.com/aboutdr.htm
Thomas K. Szulc M.D. is board-certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and had been Chief of Pain Services at North Shore University Hospital in Plainview, N.Y. for over 12 years. He has been using biological medicine as part of an integrated medical practice since 1985.)

Manhattan advanced medicine
Thomas K. Szulc M.D
333 East 57th Street Suite 1B
New York, New York 10022
Tel. 212.421.0440 | Fax. 212.421.4409

From http://www.manhattanadvancedmedicine.com/ipt.htm

IPT has been very promising with Cancer and other diseases, and is a gentler, more effective method of administering chemotherapy.
Cancer is one of the most successful applications of insulin potentiation therapy (IPT). This method was first used to treat cancer in 1945, by Dr. Perez Garcia I, and has been used with very good results by all the IPT doctors since.

1. Insulin makes cell membranes more permeable, so drugs can be transported and delivered more effectively.

2. There are many more insulin receptors on typical cancer cells, so more drug concentration is delivered to them.

3. Insulin stimulates cancer cells to begin to divide, making them more vulnerable to many chemotherapy drugs.

4. Possible stimulation of immune function and elimination of toxins.

5. Poorly-understood improvements of blood chemistry that favor healing and discourage cancer.

In basic terms, since the treatment makes the delivery of chemotherapy more effective, a lesser dosage is required for a similar effective dosage of regular chemotherapy, which bombards the body with high doses to get through to the cancer.


1. The patient shows up for treatment having fasted overnight. A tray of medications is prepared, based on the patient's illness, symptoms, and general condition. Doses are typically 1/2 to 1/20 of the dose normally given without IPT.

2. An intravenous (IV) drip is established. A small amount of IV insulin is given, about 0.1 to 0.4 units per kilogram of patient weight. Humalog (Lilly, fast-acting human-like insulin) is the current insulin of choice. Humulin (Lilly, regular human insulin) is also very effective. Any intramuscular and oral medications are given to the patient a few minutes later, so that they will have time to enter the bloodstream. The patient is always under close observation. In a rare case of insulin hypersensitivity, IV glucose can be immediately given to avoid any danger of shock.

3. After 20 to 30 minutes, symptoms of mild hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) start to develop: hunger, thirst, drowsiness, mild sweat, increased body temperature, faster heartbeat (tachycardia) and palpitations. The doctor decides how long to wait, and how far these symptoms should progress. Deeper hypoglycemia seems to produce quicker and more profound medical results. Normal blood glucose ranges from 80 to 100 mg/dl. During IPT, it falls to around 55 to 60 mg/dl. Using Humulin (human insulin of recombinant DNA origin, Lilly), the process takes roughly 29 to 42 minutes. Using Humalog (faster acting variant of Humulin), it takes only 18 to 21 minutes.

4. The "Therapeutic Moment" has arrived. The Drs. Donato say that at this time, "the doors are open", and medications can be most effectively absorbed. Intravenous medications are given, followed by IV hypertonic glucose. Symptoms of hypoglycemia rapidly disappear. And the patient is given a sweet beverage (Gatorade or fruit juice) to complete the recovery of normal blood sugar levels. Total elapsed time for the IPT treatment (using Humalog) can be less than 90 minutes.

5. The patient is sent away with specific instructions on what light meals to eat, and sometimes with oral medications to take between treatments. Another treatment may be given in two days to two months, depending on the patient's condition and stage of treatment.

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2/7/09 5:58 PM
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I want to congratulate you for publicly mentioning cancertutor.com and announcing alternative treatment. I am completely cured from adapting an organic vegetarian diet (see www.gersontherapy.com) and drinking lots of fresh organic veggy juices daily. I cleansed my body and built my immune system which allowed it to take control of my cancer It only took me 5 months to completely kill all the tumers. Now, I am Baruch Hashem healthy, strong and look fantastic. I had advanced brain and skin cancer. In the frum community I am seeing natural medicine shunned or completely denied without even giving it a try. It is literally Pikuach Nefesh for all natural and alternative success stories to come forth and speak for the sake of the Klal.

FORUMS > Brain Tumors


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