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TOPIC TITLE: perhaps some help
Created On 6/23/06 2:53 PM
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6/23/06 2:53 PM
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I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar 2 years ago, and have been on meds. I have one of the most exclusive doctors in ny. Very expensive.
Throught my ordeal over the last 2 years, one of my major symtoms was, PAIN. It was for me the most debilitaing part. Made me want to hurt and kill myself. made me completely dysfuntional. My head always felt painful, not a sharp stabbing pain, but as if brain was being squeezed and getting tighter. Needed to go to bed. Couldnt work.

Meds didnt really didnt do anything. I recently went to a neurologist, had a mri which came out fine.

The neurologist then suggested something which every doc had completely overlooked. "perhaps you have migraines", he suggested. It made too much sense. Head aches, needed to go to bed w/o noise or light. The very symtoms of migraines ( as well as most head probs).
I took epidrin, a simple migrane reliever. Half and hour later, I'm a new man. No pain, I can function.

Now, I dont know if i have bipolar , depression or neither, maybe i do and thus it gives me migraines. Maybe or maybe not, but either way, the pain is gone, I can function.

The problem with head probs is that all have the same symptoms. SO whatever your doctor specialises in, he will tell u have that disease (depression, anxiety, bi polar etc..)

I dont know if I have bipolar or not. And I dont know if this applies to anyone else, but its worth a try. If anyone suffers from severe 'head-aches" regularly and needs to lie down unable to function, it could be migraines. Pain will make u depressed, grumy sad and tired. There are diff. types of migraines, so just b/c u dont feel sharp stabbing pain, suggest it to ur doc. and maybe even try a drug.

I dont see a forum for migraines here. Coincidence? maybe

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