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TOPIC TITLE: Lack Of Support From Jewish Leadership
Created On 7/22/07 10:48 PM
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7/22/07 10:48 PM
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Gad (Senior Supporter) wrote;

Could you provide an example or two (without mentioning names of course) of how a Rabbi didn't show compassion? (It would seem that this is something that needs medical help, but I guess a Rabbi's understanding is also important. But I just wonder what the scenario would be.)

While I don't know specific Rabbi's, I have approached several Rabbi's and discussed helping or providing support to adults with learning difficulties..

If you look at committee's set up by most Synagouge's, you will see various forms of outreach

Bikor Cholim - for the chronically & terminally ill

Chesed for those who don't have meals to eat, etc

When it comes to mental health in the Jewish Community, many clergy display a sence of denial.

They are so used to seeing extreme cases of need, they are ignoring requests for help from people who have mental health issues (schizophrenia & severe caes of manic-depression capture peoples attention, because in these cases, hospitalization is often required)

Here is a true story...

Between myself & another member of my support group, we called over 25 Shuls & Jewish Org's in the City looking for affordable space to hold our support group meetings.

We didn't find ONE Shul or Org who was willing to help us. If you look at our website, you will see that we have had numerous Doctors & other medical professionalls speak before our group over the past several yrs.

Because of the type of problems that we have, many in our group struggle with their jobs & don't have much money.

We were quotes prices ranging from 250-750 per evening to accomodate a meeting of up to 75 people.

We have found Churches & venues supported by Christian Organizations are much more willing to accomodate us.

While I am personally insulted by this, there is little I can do. I just have to accept what is & move on.

Our current venue is suported by an Org with Christain backing, but is non-religious, so Orthodox Jewish people don't feel uncomfortable attending our meetings.

Truthfully, if I weren't as devoted to the Jewish community as I am, I would have become just as disenchanted with the reactions of Jewish leadership as many of the secular Jews in my support group.

As a POI, I speak with the Orthodox people who attend our meetings.
We all feel basically the same way..

We lead double lives
On the one hand, we all have friends in the Shuls we attend who are very successful financially & we are accepted by those people.. mostly because we are all in an environment where we have a strong common bond - religious practice & cultural identity.

Outside, we all struggle with our issues in everyday life.

To better explain the contrast, you must understand that affluent Jewish people are very aware of the fact that middle income Jewish people may attend the same services as they do.

As many of the prayers state, money is not the driving force, but observance of Mitzvahs & devotion to Hash-m.

while they may make comments behind your back, at least superficially, they are polite & cordial to you.

Just because a person isn't rich, doesn't mean they're not smart.

If you work hard to support your family & are knowedgeable about Torah, in Shul, you will garner the respect of other congregants, even if your not a millionaire.

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7/22/07 11:38 PM
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Thank you for your explanation.

I wonder if organizations like relief are influencial in generating more help.

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7/24/07 9:48 PM
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i can totaly understand the way u feel cause i had this teacher who i wanted to pay atention to me but nope i mean they did but not to the extent i wanted them to
anyway maybe its just that they dont no what to say and dont want to make it worse like today a lady fell down and i was quit for a minite cause i diddnt no how to react

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