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TOPIC TITLE: TN in Pregnancy
Created On 2/28/05 12:08 AM
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2/28/05 12:08 AM
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I would like to hear from anyone who has had similar to my experience with TN. When I was 6 months pregnant, I got this awful pain on my right side of my face, after two days of agony, I called the dentist to see if I needed a root canal (as I have bad teeth) and he diagnosed a sinus infection after he took an x-ray. He prescribed antibiotics and after a few days there was no change what so ever, I was in agony and couldn't bear the pain. I couldn't eat or sleep due to the pain. I called the OB and he prescribed tylenol 3 (codeine) every 3 hours. I took it like a clock, otherwise the pain was unbearable. He also advised me to an ENT. Next stop, ENT he examined my sinuses and said wrong diagnosis this must be TMJ. Called the dentist and he said definitely not TMJ and he doesn't know what to say, out of his hands. after 2 more days I was getting very nervous and this time the OB told me to see a Neurologist. Next stop, Neurologist, he examined, took the history and said it is Trigminal Nueralgia, was confirmed with an MRI. The problem was that the treatment was meds. which cannot be taken during pregnancy. I just continued drugging myself. BH after two weeks the pain was gone, as if nothing ever happened. BH till today, (my baby is a few months old) I have not have another episode, and hope never to have one. I was wondering what other poeples experiences with TN was, like had once and never again or comes and goes and so on.....

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