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TOPIC TITLE: Paralysis
Created On 11/14/06 11:52 AM
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11/14/06 11:52 AM
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I have not seen any forums on paralysis. I am actually looking for anything that can help my freind. He is 43, frum and was in a terrible accident in August that left him paralyzed. I was wondering if anyone in the Frum world has any knowledge or experience with this subject that may be able to help my freind cope. He is extremely depressed and besides not being able to move around, he is also unable to have a regular bowel movement by himself. In my opinion the latter is what is most keeping him down. If anyone has any suggestions as to what can be done to help him physically and emotionally, i would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

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11/14/06 12:36 PM
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I knew somone who was paralyzed from the neck down. It was a bad scene.

Probably the best thing you can do is to visit often, and to arrange for others to visit. The visitors should try to be brief and friendly.

They are making all kinds of breakthroughs now in medicine. Hopefully he will soon have a speedy recovery.


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11/14/06 12:40 PM
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Firstly, in my opinion, paralysis does not really fall in the depression category, but rather under neurology.. as its really a physical probelm as opposed to a mental one.

There are other posts on this website under traumatic brain injury and other related issues. You can search for them.

Also, I do know of a great organisation that helps those with brain injury.. here is their info:

BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance is a frum non-profit specializing in TBI. we have assisted nearly 200 families as of Sept 2006, and can be reached at (718) 645-6400 in brooklyn. our web site is www.binausa.org.

please give us a call!

BINA Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance

Help and Hope for Stroke and Brain Injury
When a family suddenly enters the world of stroke and brain injury, they are inundated with choices that would be overwhelming in the best of times, and are nearly impossible to navigate in times of crisis.
In addition, families with particular cultural sensitivities face distinct hurdles when attempting to find the facilities and services that can best help them on their road to rehabilitation. BINA is a community based nonprofit organization with a unique awareness of the needs and sensitivities of the broad spectrum of the Jewish community.
BINA's approach to brain injury rehabilitation focuses on fully understanding the unique situation of each family with which it works, and then fashioning a customized plan, tailored to helping the injured person and their family achieve all possible goals.

Our services include:
-recommendations of facilities, therapies and therapists based on thorough research
-educational classes
-support groups
-library and resource center
Contact Information
Email :
Phone :
(718) 645-6400
Address :
BINA Ezras Cholim
1002 Quentin Rd., Suite 3002


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