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Created On 12/29/10 6:29 PM
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12/29/10 6:29 PM
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Does anyone have it on their scalp?

I've had eczema pretty much for my entire life. I'm used to it. I used to get it on my hands only during the winter, and it was particularly bad between my fingers. Then it got worse and I had it during the summer, too. Then it just disappeared, which was weird. I have it now all over one of my shoulders and up the side of my neck, which I somehow manage to hide with my hair on a good day, and on a bad day just ignore the stares and comments.

I hate my dermatologist, and deemed him useless, anyway, since none of the creams he gives me ever works. When I developed it terribly on my scalp, he prescribed a shampoo, which not only didn't work, but also didn't get my hair clean and dried it out very badly. So I stopped using it and haven't been back to him since. Occasionally (like now), I get it so bad on my scalp that I wake up with my pillow soaked from the clear liquid that it oozes. My scalp bleeds and itches like crazy, and when it gets this bad, nothing helps. I've found that, desite common opinion, if I wash my hair every day then I'm less likely to break out again. Also, I'm allergic to most shampoos, which explains the constant breakouts before I finally found one that worked. But for the moment, none of my knowledge is helping, so does anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, and I've been allergy tested and I do stay away from the foods that I am allergic to, so unless I've developed another allergy, this is not related.

Thanks for your help!

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