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TOPIC TITLE: kicked in the eye
Created On 12/24/05 5:52 PM
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12/24/05 5:52 PM
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hi, this shabbos at a friend's house my brother got kicked in the eye. he's only 11. it was really nausiating to look at, because at first glance it looked like his whole eyelid was hanging. in fact, it was the muscle poking out. his eyelid had been slit open, and thank g-d, there was little damage to the eye. at first, it looked like he needed stitches. my mom took him to will's eye hospital, and broke shabbos to do so because it was an emergency. we live outside of the city, so it took about half an hour to get in to central philadelphia where will's was. they ended up sending him to the emergency room, where they did not use stitches but sterytape because it was really a surface wound, despite its terribly grusome appearance. my brother was in a lot of pain, but he found the courage not to cry (too much..) anyway, they dilated his pupils (something i passed out from when i was 11) and he told me it itched and burned, which of course i expected it to, because it did the same to me when i got it done 11 years ago when i was 11. they tested his vision in the right eye (the one not hit), and it tested 20/20. they tested the let, the one that got hit, and it was 20/25. my brother has never been to an eye doctor before, but from what we know about all the kids in our family, he had near perfect vision like the rest of us (ka''h). so maybe they say his retina is a little damaged. but they say it will heal hopefully in two weeks. if it wasn't a trauma to him, it was definitely a trauma t me, he's my little baby brother. my mom i think took it much better than i did. they also rinsed his eyelid with alcohol, something i know i was glad not to be there to witness. in case any of you think i am ranting on, you are probably right because i do have bipolar disorder, you can look me up under mental health, i have the same name there as i do here. so yes, i can get a little paranoid and hypochondraichal at times, but this time i think it was warranted that i got really scared. please say tehillim for my brother if you can, it would be horrible to have his vision permanently impared because of such a stupid accident and or mistake. thank you for reading this,


what the hecka is a signiature?

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