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TOPIC TITLE: correction of subluxation
Created On 12/29/05 1:32 PM
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12/29/05 1:32 PM
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i am 22 and my spine is completely curved out of place, from carrying a 30 lb. napsack every day to and back from school-- on ONE SHOULDER! (yikes, right?) so i wentr to the chiropractor, took some x-rays, and I have scoliosis. my neck is also in the first stage of subluxation, so i am getting that fixed, and hopefully corrected. because the doc said i am young, i have time favoring me on my side. but i did get adjusted. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK... A WHOLE LOTTA CRACKS. and then-- ahh- i felt better. relief. i'm going back today, i have to see the chiroprctor 3x a week for three weeks to correct the problem and expect good results. then 2x for three weeks, then once a week for maintenance. it feels great! i can move again! you don;t realize how out of whack you are until you get crack crack cracked. then, it all seems to fall into place! i suggest seeing a good chiropractor to anyone, even if you think there's nothing wrong as i did. you may end up being surprised. i recommend weekly adjustments and xrays in the beginning to assess. obviously, i'm not a doc, but i've heard and seen enough good stories about my doc to be an advocate.


what the hecka is a signiature?

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