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TOPIC TITLE: The power of therapy
Created On 7/13/06 12:02 PM
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7/13/06 12:02 PM
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"Hi Dr. Lynn, I posted the following here by mistake, I have subsequently moved it to the therapy forum where it belongs.
I came back here to delete, but then as an after thought decided to leave it. I thought that perhaps it would give you some Chizuk.
I am sure you have clients who have been struggling over the same issues for inordinate amounts of time?
But you can see that eventually the work pays off, and you ultimately succeed in changing a persons life.
Being a therapist is not easy work, and I think its important for people to give Chizuk to therapists too.
Hope I am not overstepping the boundaries!
thanks for all your kind and careful replies.
take care

Just wanted to share this with anyone who is interested.

I have been in therapy for nearly 7 years.
Its been a long and difficult struggle, and now I am just begining to see the fruits of our struggle.
I say "our" because I believe that my therapist shares in this struggle too.

During the years of therapy we have covered many different areas, however quite often we have discussed some issues repetedly.
Over and over again we talked about how some feelings that I experience in the present are often linked to the past.
Logically i kind of got it, and after reading all the literature I could get my hands on, I "understood" on a cognitive level what it meant, and how it affected my life today.

just a few days ago, something in my brain clicked.
I suddenly understand on an emotional level what it means to feel strong feelings from the past.

Its so strange to know that although I have been discussing this issue for years and years, I never really "got it"?
Its a weird feeling.

And the best part is, that I feel so much more in control of those frighteningly overpowering feelings, which descend upon me at different times.
Now I can actually talk to myself, and tell myself that I am safe, and that no one will hurt me.
I have done this excersise in the past, following my therapists instruction, but somehow I have never been able to listen to my own voice. So talking to myself never really worked, because I disregarded my own words.

Thanks to all the hard work on the part of my therapist and myself, I am finally begining to listen to myself, and respect my inner voice.
I no longer need to call up my therapist in a panic, and beg her to save me from these horribly debilitating feelings.

All I need to do is tell myself that I am not in danger, and that the terribly overwhelming feelings are but from the past!
Its a wonderful tool, and it really works.

I'm really feeling accomplished with all this advancement, and I am sure my therapist is glad that she (probably) wont be receiving any more emergency phone calls!

Any comments?
would be glad to listen.

Take care all,
debbi TextText

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Dr. Lynn, Psy.D.

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7/21/06 12:58 AM
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I am so happy for you! May you go from breakthrough to breakthrough!
a lynn

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