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TOPIC TITLE: Job well done!
Created On 5/25/06 1:38 AM
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5/25/06 1:38 AM
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Dear organizer's of ''Cafe Mom'', Dov Hikind, devoted volunteers, and contributors to M.A.R.C.H.

I'm looking for the words that'll adequately convey my thanks to all of you for making tonight's event possible!

Although I'm divorced for a number of years this was my first time attending your annual spring gala event extraordinaire, if I may... I walked into Bais Brocha hall expecting to meet some acquaintances, chat for a while, have some tuna salad and vegetables, and then head home. Well-------I was in for some surprise! I walked into the reception area at Bais Brocha Hall and already my eyes were in for a treat. Where in the world did you folks get ahold of the themed stuff.....! I delighted in looking around at the beautiful basket arrangements, the posters, the everything! And I got my cute little gift. Oh, my kids are gonna love it. My son especially. He's gonna attach a string to this whizzer and turn this whizzer on and watch the string whirl round and round. Then he'll dip the whizzer in water and turn it on and gleefully watch it shpritz water all over the kitchen....He's gonna have a heckofa good time with this little treat! Thanks for that one!

Now that my appetite had been whetted, I headed for the main course. As I've said before, this was my first time at your spring event. Two sweet high school girls direct me to the ''main ballroom'', and I hop right over. I stand there at the door and I'm like, Ohmygod, what a huge crowd! Wow! People were happily chatting about, enjoying the good company of other single women. On one end of the room I noticed (how could you not?) a beautiful creatively-arranged array of coffee boxes and bags. Boy, that was some talented arrangement! On the other end of the room there was steam rising from the delicious hot dishes being offered up. Who of us doesn't appreciate a hot dish PREPARED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN OURSELVES! Sorry I cap locked that, it just means so much to me.... You truly warmed many Mommies' hearts and tummies!

Then we played this fun game of ''getting to know each others'', yeah that was fun! I found three - not two - things in common with the person to my right. I'll bet if we spent more time we'd find a dozen things we have in common....

And then I hear Alisa (not sure I have the name correct, I checked your name tag before leaving....but I may have remembered incorrectly) announcing a guest speaker. My eyes begin to roll. I'm in no mood of a speech now, I'm here to air out! I had no idea a speech can be so enjoyable! Honestly! Mrs. Shaindy Kleinman had me laugh, she had me cry, she entertained us with anecdotes of her personal life. I have this image in my mind of her sitting outside her home for an hour and ten minutes...! I chuckle as I recall the ''dog food'' .... I picture the guy at the newstand on Shabos; Mrs. Kleinman, I was about to judge you on that one: ''How dare you pass judgment on a yungerman standing and reading the news!" But your son, may he be gebencht, said it so gently.... I picture your dear children in different rooms listening to your taped voice reading a bedtime story... I hear your sweet daughter Leah singing your praises, ''My mother doesn't yell....'' Listening to you reminded me of my uniqueness, of my centrality in my children's lives, of my ability to influence and set the tone.... what can I say, you were a true inspiration! If tomorrow I do not raise my voice in annoyance at my kids, they'll be glad I came here tonight. (Just kidding! I'm not much of a yeller...)

And then for dessert: we were presented with this attractive-looking event-themed gift package, the likes of which even your best friend isn't creative enough to put together! Oh well, maybe yours is but mine isn't..... Inside, packed with very obvious warmth and love was an assortment of for-me-alone items to be relished and cherished and inhaled and applied and delight in!
What a treat!

What can I tell you, you've outdone yourselves! I imagine it takes a lot of planning, coordinating, managing, telephoning, mailing, hoping, praying, not to mention when things don't go as planned..... to put together such an amazing event! What an awesome undertaking! You have given me, and I believe I speak for all the others as well, a place where we can come together, feel a sense of community, dignity, and camaraderie. I never knew there were so many other divorced women out there! I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to meet so many lovely individuals!

Here's where I'll take the opportunity to express my tremendous hakaros hatov to all of the people who stand behind the letters M.A.R.C.H for your seasonal inspirational newsletters (or are they monthly?) and white gift boxes that you pack with so much love and care! My children absolutely delight in receiving them! And what a delight for me when they're delighted! And there's always a special something for me to enjoy as well....

In the zechus of bringing gladness and joy to so many others may the Ribono Shel Olam spare you from pain and may he fill your lives with happiness all the time!



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