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TOPIC TITLE: mental health update
Created On 7/15/14 3:27 PM
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7/15/14 3:27 PM
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Just wanted to update you on the situation I am currently in mental health wise
So I was unwell since 2003 that would be 11 years now
Since then I have suffered two psychotic breaks and was hospitalized once for ten days
After the second break I became very dysfunctional and now trying to get back in shape both physically and mentally
An important step in my recovery was getting the diagnoses of schizoaffective disorder which is basically a mix of bipolar and schizophrenia which for me does not mean very much except that I should watch my mood which was stable for last four years and my thinking which is ok but could be better. I don't currently hear voices or anything of that nature
I did find allot of hope by exploring alternative treatments for this situation known as orthomolecular therapy
I found out that I had an adrenal problem which was confirmed by improvement when taken Siberian ginseng
I currently work part time for a hashgacha in Boston Traveling wise I feel to be limited and my parents are afraid to take me on long trips. Recently I tried getting an iv C which included 100 mg of niacinimide which seemed to open me up a little bit but it also had counter affected medication The good part is that after the ivc the niacin supplementation started to work. although there is counter medication withdrawal affect overall it seem to be working in improving my functionality and thinking
The following are some of the symptoms that I am struggling right now to some degree paranoid thinking reading into things especially car lights but that's about it Recently after the niacin there was allot of improvement in these symptoms
Now I was investigating whether I should try and get more of these Ivs in the future and Perhaps the clinic that gives me the IV needs to work together with an orthomolecular psychiatrist who can advise on theses sort of treatments There are a couple places in the country that do these treatments one is the Schachter Center for Alternative Care in Monsey NY there is another Dr kunim who runs Kunim Health in San Fransico California These two centers do IVS They do not take insurance There is also a place in Minnesota that does ivs and and nutritional testing but does not have a psychiatrist and finally there is an alternative psychiatrist in Boston who does different kinds of testing but does not seem to specialize in ivs His name is Dr. Erich Goetzel and his website is newpsychiatry.org
Please let me know what you think about all of this
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Dr. Price MD

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7/15/14 5:42 PM
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"Whatever works"- is my motto. If you have found an approach that works for you then stick with it.

Rabbi Price, M.D.

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