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TOPIC TITLE: Sleep Apnea and night time oxygen use in DS
Created On 2/16/05 2:10 PM
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2/16/05 2:10 PM
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Anyone have any info on apnea in DS. My son, who B"H has no heart problems but a long history of breathing issues, needs oxygen pretty much whenever he gets anything more than a cold. He is asthmatic, and has been on inhalants his whole life. After his last "vacation" in the hospital with pneumonia, it took another week to wean him off of full time oxygen. Since then, he has been super fine all day, with average sats about 94 or 95. Within two minutes of falling asleep, he is down to between 86 and 88. The pulmonologist said go to the cardiologist to do another echo and rule out pulmonary hypertension. B"H that done, we are back to, "well, it seems that even though it looks like he is breathing fine, he isn't doing it deeply enough." Truthfully, he only needs about a liter and a half or two and only at night so it isn't such a big deal. The question is, now what?

P. S. Ledereich, MD

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2/26/05 11:10 PM
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Hi - I read your posting, and it may be worthwhile to
get a formal sleep test on him, to see his breathing
pattern during sleep -
yes I understand that he rarely snores, but people can
have sleep apnea (central sleep apnea, upper airway
resistance syndrome, silent apnea, etc) and not know
about it. I agree it is worthwhile getting an echo on
him as your pediatrician suggests.
These are just some ideas that I have for you without
examining him. Wish you well and your son a refua sheleima.
P. S. Ledereich

P. S. Ledereich, MD
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Clifton, NJ 07013
Telephone: 973 470 8266
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Telephone: 845 357 8302

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