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TOPIC TITLE: Autism Treatment
Created On 6/24/10 7:07 PM
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6/24/10 7:07 PM
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I would like everyone who has a young autistic child to know that there is hope. Autism can be cured!

Do you know someone who has a child diagnosed with autism, PDD, or Aspergers?
There is hope. It is possible to heal an autistic child.
It takes lots of dedication and many hours of work, but it is well worth it the parents to have their child living a normal life instead of locked in an asylum.
There are very few experts in the world who have proven documented results. And until now, they were very hard to reach and the cost including travel expense would make it impossible for many families to actually cure their child.
There is no quick cure, it takes many, many hours of dedicated work with the child, but the work is fulfilling, and the cost is weighed against the value of having a healthy child. How much is that worth? You would say it is worth anything in the world.

But how can it be done?
Now you don’t have to travel across the world, spend weeks at time away from home, and pay impossible rates to get the help you need. Now you can stay at home with your child, and work with an expert using video conferencing and telephone. Don’t worry about the technical side of it. It will all be set up for you. You will feel like you are sitting in the same room with the therapist, and the ease is like speaking on the telephone to a friend.
This is now available to anyone anywhere. And the price is much lower than anything available before.
Can an autistic child be completely cured? Only if it is treated early enough, and only if the treatment is thorough. It is still possible to make some improvement with older autists, but complete recovery has only been documented when the treatment was done early enough. The treatment also takes less time when done while the child is young. So by all means, diagnose early, and treat early. It will not only save time and money, but will also save the child from a lifetime handicap.

Contact us at autismhometherapy@gmail.com

Galit Ritchie
I treat autistic children

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