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TOPIC TITLE: Pain of Divorce for men
Created On 5/17/06 7:26 AM
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5/17/06 7:26 AM
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I'm sure divorce is harder in general for women especially when kids are involved.
But it can be quite painful for men as well when you consider that you are no longer the
head of a household and Shabbos and Yom Tov are never going to be the same even if your kids are with you sometimes.

I am told there is a greiving period involved in divorce. There certainly is. Even though being married was not a good experience (for many reasons), being alone most of the time really stinks.

I am grateful I have friends and family who are very supportive, but it is still very hard coming home (every other) Friday afternoon to an empty apartment.

My therapist keeps reminding me that, yes, I traded in old problems for new ones, but the difference is, that before it was a life sentence of misery. Now at least there is the possibilty that I could be happy someday. All I need to be happy is to find someone who will appreciate me for who I am. I am a good guy with alot to offer, in spite of my problems (which everyone has).

Anyone care to comment?


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7/30/06 3:50 AM
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So sorry about your pain. Yes, hopefully one day you will find the woman who will appreciate your wonderful qualities.
I've read some of your posts and I feel for your pain. I believe you when you say it's more difficult for the man. To come home to an empty house is dare I say depressive. Wish I had some ideas on reversing that.
In the meantime, take good care of yourself!

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8/2/06 9:12 AM
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I am so sorry for your pain , i can imagine that it is not so nice to b
e alone esspecially to spend shabbat and the holidays alone of even just with the kids when you know that the family is incomplete.
but think about it would it had been better to sit in a shabbat table with a wife you dont get along with or who hates you and the kids can feel it beacuse kids are very sensetive to everything around them and they can feel the tension between the parents and they suffer beacuse of that.
It is upto you to pick yourself up and make a happy life for yourself. get out start dating again make new friends. bring in to your shabbat table guests and friends be creative. forse
yourself to go on for the sake of your kids. beacuse if you will show them that you are happy they will be happy. with every situation i believe you can turn into a good thing.
Eventually you will find yourself a new partner and you will learn from your past mistakes . ignore every negetive thing around you, dont let anyone tell you what to do , you have to be your own boss. think good and everything will be great.
good luck, start living.........

smiling wont cost you a penny

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