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TOPIC TITLE: Support Group - Riverdale
Created On 3/20/06 11:28 PM
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3/20/06 11:28 PM
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hello there,

i was thinking of starting a support group in Riverdale for parents of kids with special needs. does anyone have any tips? does anybody here live in riverdale or westchester?

any help is appreciated.

all the best,


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3/21/06 9:40 AM
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The 1st thing, from my experience, would be to let it be known in the area that you're starting a support group. If, being that Riverdale is a relatively small community (would nearby communities think of it as close enough to want to be part of a Riverdale group?) and all of you with kids with special needs know of each other, than just spread it around by calling one of the parents that you're friendly with and having them call one friend
and so on.
If, the community - and the # of special needs kids - is really larger, or you don't all really know who's out there (perhaps there is a "yeshiva" area and a "balebatim" area and you're not so connected...) - I would try to get the word out more formally: Contact the institutions and schools who service families there (day school, yeshiva, preschools, early intervention, the "Y", special ed schools or social service agencies). Ask them if they would distribute a flier for you to inform parents that you are starting a support group. (In some places - like here in Brooklyn - "chizuk group" goes over better than "support group" especially if you are looking to get the men involved!)
If you have a friend whose ready to be in on this with you and work together with you, it's great to have someone to bounce ideas off each other. Regardless, better not to leave it open ended - pick a date for a 1st meeting and print that info on the flier that will hopefully get distributed. If parents who see the flier are interested in a support group they will respond better to actual logistics and info about a 1st meeting, than if you simply state the concept of looking to start a group. The flier might read "for parents of children with special needs...please join us at the initial meeting of the new chizuk group (or whatever name you might come up with) Date...Place....Time...Separate seating (if this important there). For more info please contact Mr......at phone#"
Let me know if these ideas seem reasonable and appropriate, and then we can go from there with other ideas, topics for the support group, how to actually structure a meeting, etc.

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